Hero The Band - Trouble In My Mind (Music Video)

     Do you ever get in 'Trouble In Your Mind?' I do and Hero The Band is pointing out all facts in their current attempt and uber positive music video for 'Trouble In My Mind!' When first hearing this song the first word to come to mind was "Classic." It sounded like a song that I am going to hear on the radio numerous times and will be playing through my car's speakers constantly! Their unique factor and overall presence just has this Rockstar sense to them and we can't stay silent when it comes to this band!


     The video shows the perspectives in the lives of everyday people and the struggles they face. A dancer is shown first struggling with perfecting his routine and moves and we can sense the frustration seeping out of him as he continues time and time again to complete it. A little girl shows up on the screen seemingly upset as you glance at a poster in her room with "Flawless' on it and makeup being the focus. She tries to put the lipstick on, but is saddened by the result. She then is paned letting all her worries go and jumping on the bed taking that same lipstick and drawing hearts on her cheeks. The last perspective shows a runner struggling with her run and then showing her happiness when she's simply dipping her feet in water and just letting all her troubles die! If there's one thing we love more than a classic symphony it is a uplifting, powerful theme within and 'Trouble In My Mind' is that and so much more!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I know, I know, I know

It's never easy

When you get down and out

You wanna scream out loud."

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