Lil Benny - Ed Hardy

     The youth has taken over the rap game and Lil Benny is the next one up. The 18 year old rapper from New York has gained a lot of traction as of lately with him hitting almost 1,000,000 streams on his song 'LA baby' on SoundCloud alone! We've seen Lil Benny get features from many up and coming new artists such as Lil Tecca and Journy Gz!


     The title of this single comes from Lil Benny's taste in clothing, we hear multiple times throughout the song "just walked in the party uh, Rockin’ all Ed Hardy uh!" Without a doubt Lil Benny is very talented and on the rise! if you haven't checked out his newest song then you 'broke my heart!'


Lyrics that stick:


" I said I love you wasn’t playin' wit you

You broke my heart and then you split it in two"


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