BRDGS - Drugs

     If there's one thing BRDGS doesn't do it's love, but he most definitely does 'Drugs!' Isn't that the truth though, nobody these days wants to deal with the complications of love anymore it's way too painful and we just don't have the patience to deal. This banger is so lively with this classic, alternative twist on it as BRDGS gets deep with his feelings.


     He is so sick of all those goodbyes with a sting that will linger and just wants to release all those unwanted emotions. This is the kind of jam you're going to want to blast to bring you out of that funk and into a I Don't Give A Fuck kind of state! If you're in a mental battle of trying to get over that BRDGS of a heartbreak, this song will take you to where you want to be, feeling good and carefree!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Hate to admit it,

We're addicted to the way

That we over complicate it."




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