Kayden - Happy Now

November 24, 2019

 Have you been feeling down and out of it lately? Well, don't worry because you can be 'Happy Now' that Kayden blessed us with his new good vibes filled single! This one captures that feeling of truly never letting go of someone that let you go and hoping sarcastically that they'll be fine without you. We find Kayden almost rapping on the pre-chorus which was very cool to see him experiment outside of his comfort zone!


We also loved the vocal layering he used before the hook that almost sounds like a little kid which we take it as him feeling small and child-like after the break up. Just as a small child is stubborn, so is he with not giving up on the relationship unlike how his ex handled things. Moral of the story is there's plenty of fish in the sea, so don't worry about the one that doesn't want you. Just continue to be "happy" be the best version of yourself and enjoy every day you're blessed to live.


Lyrics that stick:

"You need space, you need time.

I can't sleep at night."







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