benny mayne - fake it

November 24, 2019

 There's no "faking" real talent and that's just what benny mayne has. Be prepared to get in your feels because once you hit play the flood gates will open. Sometimes you just want someone to fake their feelings for you in public especially when they start acting different. This one's for everyone out there who just caught feelings for their last one night stand.


Always remember catch flights, not feelings..don't play yourself. Low key we can hear the pain and agony in mayne's voice throughout. The part when he said he talked her off the ledge was what ironically pushed this one over the top for us. If you're looking for real standout music, benny mayne will always deliver!


Lyrics that stick: 

"Met you in a past life, oh yeah that was last night.

If this ain't the real thing, let's just have a good time."






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