ASTN - Ain't Dumb

November 26, 2019

     A song that reflects on a past relationship that also captures the aftermath that came from it. ASTN's single, 'Ain't Dumb', falls under the genre of Pop but has an R&B tone that really sets a blue feeling for the song. A song that comes from a broken heart and looks for a better future.


     The type of song anyone who has ever felt love and lost the feeling, can relate to. It's evident if you look for meaning in his lyrics that he sang with passion and used this song as a therapeutic outlet. The record is almost in a story telling fashion which focuses on a girl that seems to try and manipulate her way back into her ex's life. Through the use of specific examples, ASTN's ex attempts to regain his trust and attention all while the song speaks from the perspective of ASTN and his ability to escape his past lover.


Lyrics That Stick:

No I shouldn't need to have to tell you

All the ways you did me wrong.

So why can't we just move on?






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