Connor John - What You Need

November 26, 2019

     An alternative sound mixed with an overacting theme of Pop best describes Connor John's single 'What You Need.' A song that points to an individual and let's them know they can and will be loved by pointing out what they need.


     Connor John rubs off as somewhat of a Casanova. The song starts with a simple synth loop leading into the first verse letting the audience know what the stakes are with a melodramatic tone but escalates with much more instrumentation when the first chorus hits. In my opinion this creative choice adds depth and keeps the listener engaged through the entire duration of the song. Connor John had a very clear vision for what he wanted to say and used very imaginative words to help express and clarify his intentions.


Lyrics That Stick:

Broken down past 8

You would call me down when your sneaking out late again.

I could see it in your face

You believe this is fate,

That's when everything changed again.





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