November 26, 2019

     You are going to want to listen to this song! If you're looking for one of those songs you can cry to, yet still act a fool when it plays, 'Still Got It', by GIANNI TAYLOR, is the song for you.

A tune that reflects the past through present actions; a song that represents a personal side of GIANNI TAYLOR, we all can relate to.


     Still Got It, opens with a gorgeous electric guitar riff that leads perfectly into the first verse. The song is relatively mellow in terms of mood but hits incredibly hard with a kick in the first chorus amping the energy and really setting the tone for the rest of the record. The chorus captures GIANNI's messages in four simple words. 'Do you still got it,' and in terms of stems, the record doesn't hold much. I believe because of the lack of instrumentation and simplicity of the choruses, GIANNI TAYLOR created a song that can truly stab hearts and bounce heads.


Lyrics That Stick:


"Pick up the phone, when you're alone

I wanna know, do you still got it?"





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