Ollie Joseph & Apollo - What If

November 26, 2019

     A powerful rap duo, Ollie Joseph & Apollo. Two individuals who set out to make a record with a thought provoking question, 'What if.' A two lined question that reflects the major theme of the song and a message we all find ourselves thinking from time to time.


     'What If,' is that kind of song one tends to listen to when they're looking for guidance or some sort of moral justice. Ollie Joseph & Apollo created a record people can resonate with because it ponders the question 'What if..." and answers it with successes they've made. I don't believe they wrote this song in the manner to gloat rather to let people know anything is possible; as a guideline to a life without the question, 'What if.'


Lyrics That Stick:


"What if I stayed in school 

I would have just payed to lose and lately

I've been realized who I'm praying to...

Time is precious."






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