Shaker - Hold You Down

November 26, 2019

     Here is a song you'll want to play softly in the background, lights dim, and your honey close. 'Hold You Down,' really sets the mood in terms of quality and sex appeal. It takes a variation of pop and alternative sounds creating a unique, strong and passionate message. 


     'Hold You Down', is a song that knows exactly what it wants. A lover that misses their other half. From the first verse to the outro, Shaker bleeds out his desires and creates a truly beautiful record. But it wasn't the lyrics alone that made the record great. Shaker's use of synths and pads gave the song a retro feeling and adding a modern hip-hop vibe through the use of 808s and hi-hats which really tied the song together. 


Lyrics That Stick:


"So when you show up can we kick it?

Laying on the floor up in my room 

The way we fuck girl don't you miss it

Lighting candles out to set the mood."









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January 28, 2020

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