30 - I'm the One

November 27, 2019

     A mellow trap beat with a bell synth mixed with a slight R&B vibes would best describe 30's new single 'I'm the One'. A record that is best suited for those moments you're really feeling yourself. A feeling that can best be described as the feeling an athlete gets right before taking the field.


     30 set out to make a song filled with swagger, testosterone and sex appeal and didn't disappoint. Even though the record doesn't hold much weight in terms of instrumentation, it's still a song many could dance to. 30 made a relatively simple beat but has a profound impact with his lyrical choices. The flow of his vocal tone proves 30 knows what he wants and did it in a way that's original and unique to his sound. 




Lyrics That Stick:

I just played like three cities

I just signed like three titties 

First one I got both of them and the second one came leaving with me 

she just wanna put her feet up, take a flight to Ibiz

You can use me for the clout but you ain't using me for the visa."







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