Adam Turley - 17

November 27, 2019

     If you have a playlist made for nostalgic purposes, this is a song you'll definitely want to have. '17', by Adam Turley, reflects on past events personal to Adam's life growing up but touches on moments we've all felt. 


      The song opens with a raw feeling of emotion with just vocals and a piano. A creative choice that pulls the audience in and keep their attention through the whole song. The second verse brings out the rest of the instrumentation giving it much more of a pop vibe people can dance to. There is no intro or outro, for the entire 2:55 of the song. Listeners can expect nothing but quality and I'm sure will ask for more tunes like this. 



Lyrics That Stick:

"Growing up never felt so numb.

Do you remember when we were young

 Better days are ahead of me but I can't let go what use to be when I was only 17."






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