Mitch Davis - Warning Shot

November 27, 2019

     Mitch Davis came out with a new song and it is not one to miss. His song 'Warning Shot', asks a question we all tend to ponder from time to time."Do they still think about me?" A relatable tune for all the hopeless romantics out there.


      'Warning Shot', is sung from the perspective of a broken heart longing for its past lover. A message we've heard time and time again but takes a new spin. Instead of taking an Ed Sheeran acoustic or classic R&B approach, Mitch Davis added an element of pop that makes the song more unique than other loner/breakup songs. The record opens with a beautiful electric guitar riff and flows into the chorus setting the mood and tone for the rest of the record. The song falls under the genre of Pop but has more of an R&B vibe in my opinion. 



Lyrics That Stick:


"Yeah I wake up every morning with her in my head

 Is she thinking about me

Probably a stretch 

Just another warning shot again."







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