Adam Halliday - About A Girl EP

     Adam Halliday has brought us a complete EP all 'About A Girl,' and we just can't wait to find out who she is! He dives deep throughout this EP and it's more than just the usual soul we are used to when Adam Halliday's name flashes across our screen. There's this more relaxed sense within that's a tad more carefree and he seems as though he's just happy and in love! Adam continues to shock us with those vocals and how extremely developed they truly are.


     'Falls Down,' the first song on the EP starts the mood out slow and steady and then brings this fun, pop groove as 'Promises' starts up. 'Go Girl' and 'Trippin' were by far our top picks of the 'About A Girl,' the intensity and just overall catchy factor throughout both were excelled way past what we were expecting. Halliday catches us on our toes, boppin to his bangers that we didn't even know they were going to hit that type of way at all! He has this insane quality of changing his tempo at a flip of a dime and going from this slow, jazzy pace to a upbeat, hype banger! Well we now know all About the Girl that's been on Adam's mind and who wouldn't fall in love with her the way he makes her sound like a complete dream come true!



Lyrics That Stick:


"Don't need no reason girl, I'm leaving with you shawty."



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