Gervs - She Hates Me

November 29, 2019

      Gervs came straight out the gate with how he's feeling in his new single 'She Hates Me'. The title says it all. A song about two individuals who are in a failing relationship and sang from the perspective of Gervs, the only one who's still trying.


     The record opens with a beautiful electric guitar riff and continues as the lead electric through the rest of the song. I was able to pick out hints of reggae and jazz which gave the song a very interesting take on R&B/Soul that I really enjoyed. Gervs' melody and lyrical choices also have a huge impact on the song due to its ability to depict a story so many of us have felt. 



Lyrics That Stick:

You say I hardly pay enough attention to you

 You make it seem like I don't care

 I'm always sticking to you."







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