Ian Gott - Bathroom Floor

     Ian Gott is making us want to get out our dancing shoes and hit the dance 'Floor!' He has this alternative, originality quality about him that we latched onto and can't seem to let go of. His hit 'Bathroom Floor,' is so relatable as he diverts from the usual song topics we see frequently, and speaks of his insecurities and most vulnerable nights that he's spent on the 'Bathroom Floor.'


     We all go through our lowest points in life, when all seems to not be working and the self confidence we desperately need is nowhere to be found. The way Gott converted that common life problem into an upbeat smash proves he's simply TOO good to be true! Don't spend one more second on the 'Bathroom Floor,' because as you can now see you aren't the only one going through the lows, Gott is speaking up for all of us!



Lyrics That Stick:


"I got everything I need

I'm blessed

But I'm a mess."



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