Nodis - I Love You But Fuck You

     Ever had that someone in your life that makes you think 'I Love You But Fuck You.' Yeah, me too. Apparently so has Nodis, because his recent single is titled just that! He contains such a poetic aspect within his sound that reminded us a lot of Mac Miller and Dougy Oak, all we see is unlimited potential with this artist!


     We really love the old school twist on this song that he incorporated and how much of a banger it truly is. This song just hits in a way that you really can't grasp until you take a full listen and absorb every second of it. If there's one thing we noticed about Nodis (...get it) it's that he is very matter of fact and lays it all out there, and that's all us listeners really care about. Is someone that's real and going to continue to keep it real with us! So, Fuck all the haters we happen to Love Nodis and everything he's bringing our direction!



Lyrics That Stick:


"I'm trying to part ways

They scripting the wrong page."





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