Anfa Rose - Casa

December 1, 2019

     I have never heard of Anfa Rose before reviewing this song and let me till you, I am a fan! Anfa Rose's new single, 'Casa,' is an absolute R&B banger! A man who takes a classical guitar with Spanish overtones as the lead instrument and morph it was 808s, subs and high-hats. 


     'Casa,' as many of us know means home in Spanish. The song is about Anfa Rose staying in bed all day with various lovers; not all at once but different situations throughout the duration of the record. Anfa Rose sings about seducing women but the way he sings it gives off the emotion of deep romance. 




Lyrics That Stick:

"Where did the sun go?
In the casa, I'm with the Rasta, I'm still faded
Tell my brothers do not bother me I'm bathing
Hey little mama, heard she so fire, I might make her
Make her my wife, tell my mother, I'm your (?)"







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