Baby E - Wasted Youth (EP)

December 1, 2019

     A four song EP lasting eleven minutes and is a must listen from start to finish. Baby E takes listeners on a nostalgic and beautifully illustrated experience through the use of his lyrics and delivery giving the record imaginative imagery like no other. 


'Wasted Youth,' is under the genre of Rock but don't let that fool you. Baby E's new EP is one of the grooviest records I've heard in the past 6-8 months. The EP is full of slow electric guitar riffs with upbeat pressure overtones filled with different variations of basses, subs, and high-hats. What gives Baby E his sound is his use of lyrical choices; driving personal messages only he truly knows about but still others can still relate too. My personal favorite on the EP is 27, a song about a lonely individual who's battling with drug addiction but is still driven by their dreams, "I believe it."



Lyrics That Stick:


"Wonder how I'm gonna re-up
'Cause everything I got is on the front this time
I thought I didn't need ya
I been lookin' for a reason
I can't find a way
But I'm okay."









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