Christian Allain - Can't Escape

December 1, 2019

     A record that focuses on an individual's state of mind and something we can all relate to in a tangible message. Can't Escape, by Christian Allain is a song you're definitely going to want to add to your playlist that ponders dreams. 


The record is under Hip-Hop/Rap but gives off much more of an alternative/R&B sound. There are also elements of electronic changes in the vocals throughout the song giving it a very unique and original sound. 


Christian Allain's lyrical choices gave me nostalgic memories of working dead end jobs just trying to start a passion of my own when he says, "I spend all of my time working limited days getting minimum wage, I can fight for myself." 

Lyrics That Stick:


At the end of the day

Another day goes down the hole

Already twenty years old

I just can't escape.






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