Kayden - Call It

December 1, 2019

     Kayden took a negative situation and turned it into an upbeat melody millions can bounce too. 'Call It,' is the kind of song you'll definitely want to add to your heartbreak playlist, but also you're "Let's dance because I don't even care anymore," playlist.


     Kayden's lyrical choices were incredible specific and followed a progression of heartbreak and the loss of a lover but is sung with almost a sarcastic tone. If you read the lyrics all by themselves you get yourself a sad poem but add all the music and you get an upbeat unique pop song the kids will wanna have jamming for the next year!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Girl I really love you but it's time we call it 

every time you mess up, yeah it's still my fault

we won't save each other cause we're both too broken

now you crossed the line but this time I'll draw it."





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