Wxnder Y - Better Off

December 3, 2019

 A record the consists of instrumental simplicity designed so listens can focus on what's being said, 'Better Off', is a song you'll definitely want to have. This a song you want to add to you're "people I hate" playlist for sure!


Wxnder Y is straight to the point in both the tittle and lyrics about what he has to say. The song reflects on a relationship Wxnder Y ended and is letter her and the audience know he's better off without her. Only an electric guitar accompanies Wxnder Y for most of the song, it's not until the 1:20 mark that percussion is implemented but is taken back out when the final chorus hit. It gets brought back in for the second half of the final chorus followed my a short electric guitar outro.  


Lyrics That Stick:

"You don't want to make your mind up

Always trying to pick a side, yah

I would never let you down, no"




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December 6, 2019

December 6, 2019

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