NO1-NOAH - Wanna Be a Kid Again

December 4, 2019

     Slow, groovy and blue, 'Wanna Be a Kid Again', is a nostalgic record that reflects on simpler times. A song you'll definitely want to listen to because if you're older than 20 and have responsibilities, you can relate! 


      My personal take on this beautiful new song by NO1-NOAH, is that its simplicity in structural foundation combined with lyrical choice made the song rather sad. I say this to back up how relatable the song is. I don't think audience will find it sad if they can't relate, but that's just me. Overall this bluesy R/B record is great and if you love listening to stuff you've never heard before, I highly recommend this one!



Lyrics That Stick:


"I mean shit when I was a child though I always wanted to be old

I wanna drive a car, I wanna drive down the road

I wanna be rebellious, wanna have my own rules

And then I grew up and I wished that I never knew"





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