Abstract - Not Alone (feat. Roze)

December 5, 2019

     A record that will give you goosebumps by the second chorus, 'Not Alone (feat. Roze)', is one you'll definitely want to listen to. Abstract's new song is inspiring to anyone who is chasing a dream that scares them.


      The song focuses on positive energy and the willingness to overcome one's biggest battles. A song just about anyone can relate to. What makes this song so moving is how Abstract and Roze deliver their lyrics with such soul and passion, speaking on personal topics of defeat and how they came over it.


Lyrics That Stick:


"I came home to a house that wasn't home no more

I got memories, that's places I don't go no more

I look around and felt like I ain't got the glow no more

Hundred thousand fans but some don't show no love no more."











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