Kyd Knarly - Want Me Around

December 5, 2019

    Don't try and act like you don't want Kyd Knarly around! The truth of the matter is we all do and he's graced our ears with a new hit, 'Want Me Around.' This single captures Knarly in the most honest form and we get a little background behind him and his rise.


     The beat is such a banger with how well developed it was and that repeated line "I know that you want me around," hits in such a lively and potent way we just can't get enough. Knarly displays more of his rap sense in this single and his verses hit the heart as he goes in depth of who he keeps close and those he's learned he can no longer trust. You're going to want Knarly around you for a while, each hit he brings us ceases to disappoint!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Had to many I can't trust

So I'm staying with who I came with."








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