NF - Paid My Dues (Music Video)

December 5, 2019


     NF dropped a new music video for his song 'Paid My Dues', and let me tell you, it exceeds everything you might expect just from hearing NF's tone of voice in the song. The video opens with a body swinging from the ceiling and as soon as the first verse comes in the camera reveals that NF is the one who's hanging as he raps the opening bars setting the cinematic mood for the rest of the film.


      The entire video's setting is dark, dirty, wet and somewhere abandon. There were very limited props used but I felt all served as symbolism for what was being rapped about. The locations and simplicity of the video made it very easy to follow. The editing was amazing. I love the color correction used for overlaying darker tones into specific moment adding a much more dramatic feel. Pay Your Due and stream NF's latest music video, it's a life changer!



Lyrics That Stick:


"How many records I gotta give you to get with the program?

Taken for granted, I'm 'bout to give you the whole plan."




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January 24, 2020

January 24, 2020

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