Dree Rivers - H8 2 LUV

     There's those few people that you can't help but 'H8 2 LUV.' Feel me? Dree Rivers on the other hand is one of those we can't help but LUV! His latest single consists of all hype energy and an immense sense of power we vibed with from the start. He brings this courageous and confident element to his sound that we hooked onto and couldn't seem to let go of as the song progressed!


     Rivers doesn't seem to care that his peers 'H8 2 LUV' him it's all out of jealousy anyways, wait till they switch up though, because we all know they do once the rise occurs. His progression throughout the song really demonstrates his polished voice and how well this artist can perfect his flow. Don't H8, appreciate all Rivers has to offer, because it's far more than you recognize!



Lyrics That Stick:


"I feel like Ferris Bueller

Might see me out in public

Do a double take 

Yeah you ain't seen nothing."




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