Dylan Reese - Pretty Pretty (Album Review)

December 7, 2019

     A collection of songs that are timeless. 'Pretty Pretty,'  is a record you are gonna wanna cry to, rage to and make love to. Dylan Reese shot for the stars on this album and should expect nothing but great things to come out of it. Every song has a moral, theme and message with various forms of R&B and Rap melodies giving this record huge amounts of color and depth.


     The title of the Album represents two definitions combined to Dylan's own twist. The first Pretty, by definition means: to a moderately high degree; fairly. The second Pretty by definition means: an attractive thing, typically a pleasing but unnecessary accessory. These two combined means moderately attractive and pleasing to the eye. All of Dylan's songs on this record focus on a topic related to that definition. Weather its, lust, dreams, or a sociality unity of sorts Dylan hits the nail on the head with every song and I can't wait to see what this album does it the long run!



Lyrics That Stick: 


"Recorded and mixed it right out of my home
People still treating me like I'm unknown
My family asking for things that I don't own
How can I please all of you on my own?"






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