Felly - Wood V2

December 13, 2019

    An emotional and powerful record that hit the soul and questions the meaning of happiness and what it means to love. Felly had a lot to say on his new song 'Woods V2'. He focuses on mental health and subconscious thoughts that lead people to act the way they do.


   The song is just over four minutes with three verses. Each verse hits on a new topic but all the topics are under the same category of mental health and decision making. Structurally the song has no more than 15 stems making it simple and easy to follow. Felly knew exactly what he was doing when he made this song and it has a tangible message that we all need to pay attention to from time to time. So go venture out into the "woods" and get lost in the vibes of this one!


Lyrics That Stick:

"You can fool everybody but yourself 

and smiles fade over time, could use some help

I put four vacations to the finest locations

I still couldn't get away from myself"






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