bülow & Rich The Kid - You & Jennifer


     She's back and better everyone! And this time she brought Rich The Kid with her and this has to be our new favorite smash by bülow! 'You & Jennifer' is now the ultimate "Well, it's your lose," kind of song and even if you're in a loving relationship you can't help but be enthralled by it. She dove deep into the thoughts of a blissful future with a boy who's been fucking 'Jennifer' and to that we say "Fuck you and Jennifer!"


     Rich The Kid came in unexpectedly and took on the viewpoint of the boy who couldn't stay loyal and brought some real heat! Surprisingly the way they two are almost combating in a sense is so sick and you really get to see the viewpoints and emotional state each of these artists display! If you've ever had to deal with a 'Jennifer' in your life, you can appreciate all the high paced energy and strength bülow is bringing in this fire song!


Lyrics That Stick:


"All my friends fake 

Cause they told me that

Shit wasn't real

It was all in my head."





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