Nate Good - Karma Do My Dirt

December 15, 2019


     Nate Good released a new song a few days ago called 'Karma Do My Dirt', and it is not one to miss! The song is three and a half minutes of high energy and versatile lyricism. It's one of those feel good kinda songs, the one you wanna play on your way to a party and then play again at the party!. 


     'Karma Do My Dirt',' is about the ability to stay in one's lane and focus on the bigger picture. Not to allow negative people influence your decisions and let karma handle what is out of your control. My favorite moments in the song were when Nate Good switched from rapping to singing. He constantly was changing his rhythm causing the instruments to change with him which kept the song interesting and fun to listen to! We know now that "karma" has Nate Good's back and he doesn't need to pay mind, just keeps throwing out bangers that we all wanna jive to!




Lyrics That Stick:

"I don't want to talk about my problems

running through the city with the goblins."








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