Ethan Patrick & TyC - I Won't Watch You Cry

     Things are getting deep and extremely sentimental within Ethan Patrick and TyC's latest collaboration and we couldn't help but get lost within! 'I Won't Watch You Cry' takes on this powerful and spiritually uplifting breakup topic that you'll want to play over and over, especially if you're going through that same heartbreak. It seemed as though he has been through so much pain based on the details of the relationship and won't let himself be hurt by this person anymore. And to that we say "Good for you and good riddance."


     Nobody should be trapped in a toxic relationship, simply because they are still in love, it isn't worth it! The beautiful build up throughout the song with the mesh of the melodies and sounds is so hypnotic and will capture your heart! You simply "won't" be able to turn this beautiful symphony off once you start and just a warning, it may bring tears to your eyes!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I miss the way it feels

When we were still in love

But I won't start a war

And I won't let you hurt me anymore."





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