Ian Gott - Dating My Issues

     We all have a shit ton of 'Issues' but life gets a little tricky when we start 'Dating' them!' Ian Gott can't help but date all his 'Issues' and he knows he has a repetitive problem with this and turned it into a fun little tune! He uses a very humorous aspect throughout this song that we laughed at and jived to heavy!


     He mentions how he knows how he could have a wife at this point if he could simply stop dating his 'Issues!' But Gott can't help but play the game and live on his own terms, it's not the girls fault it's just his own personal problems! We now know when you do date, just make sure you aren't Dating your Issues, lesson learned!



Lyrics That Stick:


"Really wanna stay up in your life right now

But I'm busy dealing with myself."




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