lilspirit - Parasite

December 16, 2019

     A unique alternative sound combined with R&B procession, 'Parasite,' by lilspirit, is not a song to overlook. If you're looking for a tune to add to your heart break playlist this is the next one to add! lilspirit tells a story of a failing relationship and does it in a inspiring way I've never heard before.


     Structurally the song has no more than ten stems or individual sounds making the entire production. There is an acoustic guitar loop that plays through the entire duration of the record. His choice in simplicity allows the audience to focus more on the lyrics. What I found most interesting and exciting was his stylistic choice of adding distortion to his main vocals. It was unique and added a since of cringe but in a dope way, reflecting the title!



Lyrics That Stick:


"Cigarette burns on the sheets

this will never work

if you didn't want misery 

like a parasite inside."




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