Cal Scruby - Dead End (Music Video)

December 20, 2019

     Cal Scruby just released a new music video for his song 'Dead End!' For those of you who aren't familiar with the song, It's about Cal's will to prevail through difficult situations and rise to a higher level of being. Through witty lyricism and head banding beat this is not a song you want to look past. 


     The music video is relatively simple. Its composed of two locations; Cal Scruby standing in various places around a Tesla and him in the car driving, as well as sitting in the back seat. The Tesla is parked in a small parking lot surrounded by trees. The shots of Cal are in a montage sequence of wide and dirty singles. Same goes for the car screens. Overall it's a fun song and the video was interesting to watch despite the minimalism!



Lyrics That Stick:

"First you get famous for doin' the most
Then you get money for wooing the sheep
Now you a joke, ain't nothing funny tho'
That's how you be a professional meme."



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