The Kid LAROI. - Let Her Go (Music Video)

December 20, 2019


     'Let Her Go', is filled with high energy and a simple message to say, "Young and rich and on my own and that's why she keeps calling my phone", spoken from The Kid LAROI. himself. A song a portion of us can really relate to but still one we still all like to hype get drunk to!


     The music video expresses the message fully. It opens with a wide shot of a monster truck with The Kid LAROI. sitting on the back end and his legs dangling off. Also in the cab are millions and millions of dollars which becomes significant later on in the video. There are four or five locations where this video took place. One with the monster truck, another in an old abandoned room and a few translational scenes where The Kid LAROI. is in a dirty single or close up where the surrounding are composed of dark and bright colors. The video ends with people in all black, robbing the money out of the monster truck. I believe this was a metaphor for how people in the music industry can be liars and cheats. Overall, the song was beautifully illustrated and you should definitely get on top of this video immediately!



Lyrics That Stick:

"I do what I do 'cause I am who I am
Yeah I don't need a reason or an explanation."





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