Daniel Ratliff - Happy Ending

December 22, 2019

     I feel Daniel Ratliff on way too many personal levels with his new song, 'Happy Ending.' For those of us who know how to jump up and down to slow music because it hits us so hard, this is one tune you can do that with.


     'Happy Ending' opens with a phone ringing but it goes to voicemail. Right after that, the first verse hits. The tune reflects on a current relationship and focuses on Daniel's wants and goals for that relationship. He's in love and doesn't want her to be just another memory, he wants a happy ending. A simple concept that so many of fail and continue to try and attempt!



Lyrics That Stick:


"Don't want you to be just another memory

that will leave me empty

why don't we believe in a happy ending

instead of just pretending."




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