Koi - Hollywood Traffic

December 22, 2019

     Just about any song I've ever heard that has something California related in the title, it's usually always between two things. It's incredibly relaxing and fun or it relates to something mental. Koi followed the first rout and went with relaxing and fun. 


     Koi wrote a new song called, 'Hollywood Traffic' relating to physically being in traffic and not having a care in the world. For anyone who's reading this and hasn't been in LA traffic, it can take hours just to go a few miles and Koi basically saying I'll have the top down smiling the whole time really says a lot. Overall the song is great. It's not too complex, there is a bell synth as the lead, bass and drums. Simple and effective!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I be passing, Hollywood, traffic
High speed, black tints, they can't see me laughing."







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