Johnny Yukon - To The Moon

December 30, 2019

     A record that's meant to be a stress reliever for its listeners, 'To The Moon,' by Johnny Yukon is one tune you should definitely add to your chill vibes playlist. Although the song itself is very upbeat the overall message is to relax and take time for oneself.


     The song doesn't have an intro and jumps straight into the first verse. What I found really cool about 'To The Moon,' was how little instrumentation there was for such a upbeat tune! The lack of instrumentation helps the audience focus on what's being said as well creates a feeling of nostalgia. Overall, the song is a must listen if you're looking for a something you can sit back and vibe with after a long day!



Lyrics That Stick:

"I might switch the view, yeah (Switch it, switch it)
Jump straight to the moon (To the moon)
Ain't no time to lose (Time to lose)
I can't hang with you (No way)."




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