Marcus Cain - Happy to Be Alive

January 3, 2020

     This is one of those songs you blast when you're really feeling yourself, the kind of tune you'd add to your "I'm happy and Imma dance in the rain" playlist! Marcus was in a really good mood when he wrote his new single 'Happy to Be Alive'


     You can hear Marcus' passion and attitude really well in his voice. For me it was like those moments when your watching a movie and a feel good moment happens and you can't help but smile. That's the vibe this song gives off! The mixture of the lead piano with a 90's boombox kind of kick gave the song a really worm vibe and overall the combination of everything is great!


Lyrics That Stick:


"good feelings have been a constant every single day

got me feeling like its god sitting and it can't be contained

get the f**k out if you're toxic, yeah homie I don't play

always positive my Logic and rock like lil Wayne."





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