Jp Thornewell - idwt

January 5, 2020

     Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in our heads about a specific something and we wish there was a button to switch it off. That is exactly what this record is about. 'idwt', (I don't want to think) is a clash between R&B and Indi-pop creating a cool and unique pop vibe a lot of us can relate to!


     Jp got very personal with this tune. Through the use of stylistic lyricism, audiences can really grasp a good mental image for Jp's personal life and how he's really feeling emotionally. There were a lot of drawn out synth sounds adding a nostalgic feel that backed up the vocals nicely. All in all it's a great tune regardless of how you're feeling, so don't think about it jump on it!



Lyrics That Stick:

"Can't forget our midnight conversations 

Or all the times we stayed up getting wasted

Memories are stuck they keep replaying."








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