Mike Stud - Uhyuready (LP)

January 5, 2020

     Mike Stud released a collection on diverse tunes ranging between shy and crying to jumping and partying. The album is 7 songs and 18 minutes long, chock full of 808s and stringed instruments. It's a unique branch of Hip-Hop/Rap that I highly recommend you give a listen to!


     The first two songs on the album are very upbeat and reflect on living a lavish lifestyle and will keep heads bouncing from start to finish. Not so much topics most people can relate to but nonetheless are fun songs to jam. The rest of the album reflect on a romantic relationship, both positive and negative viewpoints. These songs are simple for the most part in instrumentation, but adding a good message on top of an acoustic guitar and a simple kick can go miles! Overall, Mike Stud is a stud and if you're looking for cool new music, peep below!



Lyrics That Stick:

"I'm out here caring about what you think
Day and night
I prefer to see the sunny side
In my eyes."




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