Ty Fontaine - slatt (feat. lilspirit)

January 6, 2020

     An upbeat boom bat kind of vibe lasting just over two minutes, 'slatt,' performed by Ty Fontaine and featuring lilspirit is a must listen for anyone who want a little pep in their step today!


     This rap tune is short and really doesn't represent anything from a messaging standpoint, but I think that is Ty's strong suit. Making songs we can all dance and tune up to! Leave the slow love songs to someone else. This is the third song I've reviewed by Ty and every single one was a trap based head banger. At this point I expect nothing less from him!



Lyrics That Stick:

"Yeah, ride in the Scat Pack (Skrt)
Switch it up, I want a Hellcat (Switch it up)
Bruce Wayne, color is matte black (Bruce)
These ni**as be snake, slatt, slatt (Slatt)."




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