7seaz - I Swear

January 7, 2020

     Simplicity can go a long ways I swear. 7seaz, in his new single, 'I Swear,' doesn't do anything to overwhelm the audience in terms of instrumental stems. Instead, he says what he needs to say in a groovy and upbeat way!


     My interpretation of the song is that it reflects on how some people can be predictable but you still keep them around. You understand what they want but you don't like the moral reasoning behind it. Not the most upbeat message, but the song is a headbanger nonetheless and a song you need to hear. 7seaz did a cool job of adding in positive lyricism focused on his corner relating to the overall message making it hard not to dance! 



Lyrics That Stick:

"Ima bust down honey, Ima bust down me

she acting shocked when I told her to leave

can't have a bitch for more than a week

love all my bitches and they love me."




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