Jared Anthony - Wish You Were Here

January 8, 2020

    A record I would consider a loner's headbanger, fast and in your face. Jared's new single, 'Wish You Were Here', has the ability to take on a few different forms. The "you" in the title can represent anyone depending on the listener and how they interpret this one.


   The fact that it's at such a high pace makes it hard not to want to move to the beat. But on the other hand, if you sit back and really listen to the song you could easily tell Jared isn't in the best state of mind. The incorporation of a finger picked lead electric guitar accompanied by a double timed procession line all underneath his lead vocals really made this kind of a unique upbeat sad song. Send this one to someone you're missing, letting them know you "wish they were here" with you. 


Lyrics That Stick:

"I've been rolling (aye)

dying slowly (aye)"







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