Jerome - Freak Show

January 8, 2020

    A tune that focuses on a lifestyle and the people who help set the stage. Jerome's new single, 'Freak Show', is fast paced, upbeat and fun to listen to. Definitely one of those kind of songs you jam out with when you're needing energy or just wanna move your body to a groovy beat.


   The song is simplistic in structure: a lead synth, bass, high-hats, kick and snare. There are a few fills here and there but that's pretty much it. His energy and charisma take this song to a whole new level. As Weezy would say "swagger on a hundred thousand trillion." Jerome's anything but a 'Freak Show' he should be the main act!


Lyrics That Stick:

"cameras coming out everywhere we go

another boss finish I think it's time to reload"






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