No Love For The Middle Child - No Sleep

January 7, 2020

     A record that's filled with passion and is one you'll definitely need to check out! 'No Sleep,' the newest sing by No Love For The Middle Child, focuses on a will to maintain one's goals regardless of the environment or circumstances!


     The song is gorgeous, in my opinion it's a clash between an acoustic ballad and an alternative Indie-pop sound. There is a finger plucked acoustic guitar that plays through most of the record that really sets a mood and tempo for the song but my favorite parts were the two instrumental breaks. After the first and second chorus, the instrumental breaks added a feeling of relief and even possible goosebumps for some! 



Lyrics That Stick:


"Been livin' fast, don't know how to take it slowly
And I can't die before I wake if I get no sleep."







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