Shaker - Leave (EP Review)

January 8, 2020

    'Leave', a simple yet accurate description of Shaker's new EP. A collection of four songs all relating to one over arching theme. Someone is leaving something tangible behind in every song. Whether it's a lover or old acquaintances, Shaker is leaving someone or someone is leaving him. 


   All the songs on this record in my opinion are a clash between Pop and R&B, creating a really unique style of Alternative music although its under the genre of Pop. I noticed a lot of the same instruments in most of the songs but Shaker did a really good job of mixing it up enough that if you didn't take mental notes you wouldn't notice it. He kept a lot of the same lead instruments but layered them differently for every song. Overall, this is a really fun EP to jam out to even though the main topic is leaving. Nothing is too slow and nothing is too fast, Shaker did exactly what he wanted and should be incredibly proud of this collection of work! Some of our favorites off this project would be 'Leave' and 'Easy.'


Lyrics That Stick: Hold You Down

"So when you show up can we kick it
Laying on the floor up in my room, yeah
The way we fuck girl don't you miss it
Lighting candles up to set the mood, yeah"






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