Shane Moyer - Can't Complain

January 7, 2020

     I call this song, "winning with an attitude." You know that feeling you get when you're doing something competitive and you feel like the absolute coolest person after? That's the best way I can describe Shane's tone of voice in this record. He's winning and knows it giving off the most confident aura we've seen!


     The is one of those "I'm really feeling myself today" kind of songs you want to throw on for a pick me up! A whole vibe, Shane does some really cool things and makes this song interesting and versatile. He transitions back and forth from singing to rapping adding a super cool dynamic as well, I couldn't count how many instrumental stems there were because he kept switching up the song in a fun and unique way! You definitely won't be complaining after listening to this one, Shane Moyer continues with banger after banger!



Lyrics That Stick:


"I was a man of the city now I'm on another state

I've been waiting theses songs trying to make a statement."







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