Vaboh - You Left Me Alone With My Nightmares (feat. Powfu)

January 7, 2020

     A sad tune that barely stretches over two minutes, 'You Left Me Alone With My Nightmares,' released by Vaboh as a new single and featuring Powfu, is impactful and beautifully orchestrated. With Powfu singing the choruses and Vaboh rapping the verses, these two individuals create a powerful duo!


     This is one of those songs you want to add to you "I can't sleep and can't stop crying" playlist. There is a lead piano synth that keeps a consistent rhythm and mellow mood and by adding that with the lyrical choices the two artists made, they ended up creating a whole new dynamic that was unique and extremely powerful!



Lyrics That Stick:

"Tryna find a bright side
Running out of angles
They say time heals
Tell me why they so painful."







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